What is a chat group?

A chat group allows members to share content. Users can subscribe to chat groups individually or as entire teams. Groups can be either open (everyone can send messages) or read-only (only the administrator can write). Chat groups are what users find on the main screen when accessing Ommnio.

What are they used for?

  • For communication and content sharing. In each chat group, member users will have access to conversations and shared files.
  • If they are open groups, they also serve for members to privately chat among themselves: Open groups grant access to the contact list of users who are part of the group.

Where do you create, edit, and manage groups?

  • If you are an Account Administrator, you can see ALL the groups of your organization in the account settings, under Groups. You'll need to join to see the content and manage the group.
  • Whether you are an Account Administrator or a Team Administrator, all the groups you belong to are available in the Chats tab.

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