What is a team?

A Team is a group of users from your organization that you unite based on criteria you consider (such as belonging to the same department or being in the same workplace).

What are they used for?

  1. To allow selected individuals to administer only a subset of the organization. In large organizations, it can be useful to divide the structure and distribute the responsibility of managing users and content in Ommnio among different teams.
  2. To establish hierarchies: A "parent" team can have "child" teams. For example, the "Company" team can have a child team for each workplace. And each workplace, in turn, can have child teams for each department. In each of these teams, there can be administrators who manage only their specific area in the organization; whoever administers a team has the ability to manage everything below them in the hierarchy.
  3. To simplify subscription to chat groups as much as possible. You can automatically subscribe all members of Team X to chat groups W, Y, and Z.

Where do you create, edit, and manage teams?

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