How to send a document for digital signature

The first thing you need to keep in mind regarding the digital signature is that you will always need a file in PDF format with the content you want your recipient(s) to sign. 

The document to be digitally signed will be received by all the people who are part of the chat where you publish the file:

  • If you want to send the file to a single person, you must choose a direct message, one-on-one. 
  • If you want a group of people to sign the file, you must publish it in the chat group where those users are. 

In summary, all those who have received the file (either through individual chat or group chat) will be able to sign it. You should also keep in mind that only chat group administrators or team administrators (in the case of individual signing in one-on-one chat) can send files to request digital signatures. Users without administrative permissions cannot request digital signatures from anyone. 

Wherever you want to send the file to request a digital signature, click on "Acknowledge message" within the text insertion box:

A window will open asking you to upload the file you want to send. Once the PDF file is loaded, set the selector to "digital signature" mode. A small orange box will appear on the file which you can drag to select where you want the recipient's signature to be placed. 

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