How to invite a user to my groups in Ommnio (Step 2 of 2)

Before inviting a user to Ommnio, you have to register them on the platform. Read this article if you haven't done it yet πŸ‘‰ Registering a User (Step 1 of 2)

Alright, so you have registered your user, right? If so, in the Users list you will see the new user like this: 

What does it mean for the user to be grayed out and have a small clock next to their avatar? It means that you have registered them on the platform, but the invitation has not yet been activated. Whenever you see a user with this appearance in a list, it means that they have not yet joined your organization in Ommnio. Keep this in mind, because if you have added them to a group, they will not read the messages you are sending until they register!

Ways to invite your user

  1. Do you know their phone number and have explicit consent to use it? Perfect! Add their phone number when registering them as a user, and when they register on Ommnio, we will automatically connect them with your organization because we will see that the number matches. Magical, isn't it? 🧞It's so easy that if you want, when you enter their phone number, you can send them an SMS to facilitate the app download. 
  2. Don't you know their phone number (or prefer not to use it) but have a digital way to send them a link (by email, by WhatsApp...)? What you need to do is copy their invitation link and send it to them. It's that easy: Click on their name in the list of users and you will see their profile, then click on the button marked in orange πŸ‘‡and you will have copied the link to then paste it wherever you need (an email, a WhatsApp...). If you have provided the employee's email address, you will see a button that allows you to send them the invitation by email. 

  1. You don't have their phone number, and you don't have a digital way to send them anything? We hope that at least you can see them in person or by postal mail because it will be difficult to invite them with smoke signals! πŸ˜‚ In this case, you will have to give them a QR code, which is what we mark below πŸ‘‡. If they are close to your computer, they just need to install the Ommnio app on their mobile phone, and when it asks for an invitation, they can approach your screen and scan the code directly. You can also click on "Print invitation" and we will generate a nice paper invitation with all the instructions they need and their personal and non-transferable QR code.

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