How to change user data

As an Administrator, you can edit all the user data you need. To do this, just go to the "Users" tab and click on the pencil icon in the row.

Keep in mind that as an Account Administrator, you will have access to all users, but as a Team Administrator, you will only be able to operate on team members assigned to you by the organization.

When you click on the pencil icon, the same form we use to create a new user will open. Except this time, the fields are already completed. Change and/or add whatever you need: Name, last name, phone number, email, position, who they report to... If you wish, you can add or remove "Tags" that will help you locate groups of users later on (e.g. "split shift" or "subcontractors").

If you are an Account Administrator, you can give the user the same permissions as yourself. If you are a Team Administrator, you can also give the user the same permissions you have, or different ones, but always within the universe of teams and groups you administer within the organization.

Finally, click on "Update user" and we will save all your changes, which will take effect immediately.

☝️IMPORTANT: Remember that only administrators can create and edit users. The user themselves do not have the ability to change their profile data. The only thing a user can do with their profile is:

  • Add a photo for their avatar
  • Set their time zone
  • Set their work schedule

Any other changes will need to be requested from the administrator.

🔴 ALSO IMPORTANT: Any changes made by any Administrator (Account or Team) to an employee apply globally.

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