How to upload a user's profile picture

Our recommendation is that users upload their own profile picture from the Ommnio app. 

But if you prefer to upload their photos, it's very easy. You must access the web version of Ommnio as an Administrator and choose one of the two options we describe in this article. Account Administrators will be able to see all users, while Team Administrators will only be able to act on the people assigned to their team. 

☝️IMPORTANT: Remember that it has to be square proportion, not be too heavy (200Kbs, for example), and in JPG or PNG format. 

When creating the user profile

Click on the icon we point out here and upload a photo. 

When editing the user profile

If the user is already registered in Ommnio, you can add or modify their profile by clicking on their name in the list you will find when you click on the Users tab. 

By clicking on "Edit photo" you can change it with the one you have on your computer. 

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