What can a member user do?

A member user is one who does not have any type of administration permission. This user can:

  • Be invited to chat groups in Ommnio organization.
  • Read all messages and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links from the groups they are a part of.
  • Participate by sending text messages or files (photo, video, audio, and documents) in all open groups they are a member of.
  • In read-only groups, they can only read and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links. 
  • Confirm receipt and understanding of mandatory read messages, or digitally sign legally binding documents. 
  • See who the members are in an open chat group (not possible in a read-only group).
  • Receive automatic communications from a Bot, such as a payroll or reported hours report.
  • When enabled by the company, they can report their time of entry and exit in a time registration Bot. 
  • Configure their work schedule and choose to receive notifications on their mobile device. 
  • Set their preferred language and time zone in Ommnio. 
  • Activate an "Unavailable" automatic message.
  • Access Ommnio via app (Android and iOS) and web. 

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