How to edit a group

You can edit a group whenever you want. To do this, you must access as an Administrator to the web version of Ommnio, go to the group in question and click on the "Details" button that you will see in the upper right margin:

Select "Edit group" from the options we will show you:

You will see that the same form that you used to register the group will open, but this time with all the registered information. You will be able to change:

  • Group name (up to 20 characters)
  • Profile picture (JPG or PNG, preferably in square format and small size).
  • Description
  • Type (open to chat or read-only)
  • Group members. You will see if there are subscribed teams in the list, or users on an individual basis: Those who have the box to the left of their name checked are group members. The rest are not. Keep in mind that as an Account Administrator you will see all users, but if you are a Team Administrator you will only be able to act on those in your team, who will appear in the list.

Click on "Update group" and your changes will be applied immediately. Examples:

  • If you added a new user, this group will immediately appear in their app.
  • If you removed a user, the group will disappear from them and they will not be able to access it again.
  • If you change the group's photo or name, all its members will see the updated information after a few seconds.
  • If you make an open group read-only, from that moment on, only Administrators will be able to write in the group.
  • Or vice versa, if you open a group that was read-only, you will be enabling everyone to participate.

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