How to add or remove a user or a team from a group

Click on the "Chats" tab of the web version of Ommnio. You will see all the groups of your organization. Click on the one you are interested in to add to your employee or your team and then click on "Details" to be able to select the "Edit group" option:

The same form that you used to create the group will open. In the list, you will see all the users who are part of it with a checkmark in front of their name.

Subscription of teams to a chat group

If this group is linked to a team, you will see the team or teams in this section:

In the example we show you ☝️​ above, the "United Kingdom" is subscribed to the "Human Resources" chat.

In this case, the employees will be members of the "Human Resources" chat group due to their affiliation with the "United Kingdom". Being part of the team automatically subscribes them to the chat group. When you see them in the listing, you will see that we indicate "Subscribed to this group as a member of United Kingdom":

🔴 You won't be able to unsubscribe chat users while they belong to the team. If any user should not be part of the chat group, you must first remove them from the team they belong to.

Subscription of individuals to a chat group

If you want to add individuals to a chat group, simply search for the person you want to add or remove and check or uncheck their box.

Click "Update group" to save the changes. The invited person or team will immediately see the group in their app.

🔴 IMPORTANT: If you are an Account Administrator, you will have access to all users. But if you are a Team Administrator, you can only add or remove users from your team in the groups.

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