Rules for editing and deleting messages

Since version 2.7.2 of December 13, 2021, it is possible to edit and delete messages in Ommnio. To ensure that all users know that a message has been manipulated afterwards, all edited messages will have the "edited" label, and deleted messages will leave a trace (the content will not be visible, but it will indicate "Deleted message").

The rules for editing and deleting are simple:

About editing messages

  • Everyone, regardless of their permissions, can edit their own text messages in any type of chat (group or one-on-one). The "edited" mark will always remain when this happens.
  • Administrators, in addition, can edit messages that other administrators may have posted with the chat group's avatar. For example, Maria and Nuria manage the "Human Resources" group. Maria has posted a message as "Human Resources" that contains a typo, but it is not accessible because she is on vacation. Her colleague Nuria can edit that message and correct it without needing to have Maria close by. If Maria had posted messages as Maria, and not as "Human Resources," Nuria would not be able to edit them. Under no circumstances and under no permission can a user modify messages written by another user in their own name.

Editing only applies to text messages. Any other type of message (image, audio, video, document, form, etc.) that contains errors must be deleted and sent again.

About deleting messages

  • Users without administrative permissions can delete their own messages in one-on-one or open group chats. The "Deleted message" mark will always remain when this happens.
  • Administrators can do the same with their own messages, and they can also delete messages from other users in groups they administer. This applies when a user posts confidential or offensive information and the administrator considers it inappropriate to leave the message public. In this case, the "Deleted message" mark will also remain when this happens.

For more information, see the article "How to delete or edit a message"

🔴 IMPORTANT: The messages you write and send arrive on users' mobile devices with a mobile notification. So, even if you correct a message afterwards, the notifications will have gone out with the first version of the text. However, when the user clicks on the notification and arrives in the chat group, they will see the updated information with your corrections.

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