How to forward messages

Any user can forward messages (texts, audios, videos, images, and documents) to any private conversation or chat group they belong to (and have write permissions on). Group administrators can also send forms, digital signature documents, and mandatory reading materials.

Simply tap on the desired message and select the "Forward" option. Then, choose the chat groups or private conversations you want the message to reach. It can be one or several at once.

What will the message look like?

  • If the forwarded message is yours, you can forward it to the groups or private conversations you want without leaving any trace. For users who receive that forwarded message, it will have the same appearance as a new one.
  • If, on the other hand, you are forwarding someone else's message, you can perform the exact same operation, but the label "forwarded" will appear on top of this message, so that recipients understand that you were not the original sender of the message.

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