What is an acknowledge message

Sometimes you may need confirmation of reading from your team regarding a communication. Typical cases include a shift or vacation calendar, a new occupational risk policy, an important notice... In short, any communication for which you require the team's formal agreement. 

A mandatory reading message looks like this when received by a worker:

By clicking on the "Open" button, the user can see the message content. In this case, for example, the Work health and safety policy (a case we made up, but you get the idea!) 😉 You'll notice that below the screen, the user has a button that says "I have read and understood". 

When the user has read and understood the communication and wants to send a receipt, they will click on the "I have read and understood" button.

The app will insist again to make sure that the user has indeed read and understood. This way, they can't say they pressed the button by mistake 🙊:

When the user taps "read", the system will record the date and time. 

Once the reading is confirmed, the message will look like this for the user: it will indicate the time when the reading was confirmed and allow them to reopen the file to consult it:

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