Who can I chat with?

In Ommnio you can chat in:

  • The open chat groups to which you have been invited
  • Individually, in one-on-one chats, with all the people you share an open group with or who are members of your team (e.g. department), according to the configuration set by your company.
    • In the open groups, click on the top of the open chat, where the name and number of members are. You will see that the list of members will unfold. By simply clicking on the name of the person you are looking for, you will open an individual and private chat with him or her. Please note that private chats between two users are only visible to the two people involved. No one else can see them.
    • If your company has created teams (for example, by departments), you have the option of giving you access to the contact list of the people in your team. You will be able to access it on the main page of your chats (on the top right margin if you have an iPhone, on the bottom right margin if you have an Android).

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