How to set up notifications during working hours

In Ommnio we are concerned about your right to rest and digital disconnection, so by default you will find that notifications (what "wakes up" your mobile) are only active during working hours.

You have three options regarding notifications:

  • Never: You will not receive any, ever.
  • Always: You will receive them all, at all times.
  • During working hours: You will receive notifications at the time you configure (those of you who are employees, it is normal for you to configure your working hours). 

In this third case, you will have the opportunity to adjust your schedule, which by default will be from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Configure which days you work and in what time slots, and save. 

This way, notifications to your mobile will only come in during working hours and as soon as you go home, we will stop bothering you. You will not miss any messages, because the next day we will notify you if there has been any activity while you were resting. 😴

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