Can I change the data in my profile?

At the time of inviting you, the administrator of your organization in Ommnio (usually someone from Human Resources, Communication, or General Management) entered the following information about you:

  • First and last name 
  • Position 
  • Area
  • Workplace location (optional)
  • Code (optional)

The administrator enters this data to maintain consistency and ensure that everyone has the correct positions, departments/areas, and official locations. If you notice any errors, you should ask the administrator to correct them. 

However, you can edit the following:

  • Your working hours (by selecting the option "Receive notifications during working hours" and editing your weekly schedule). 
  • The language in which you will view the Ommnio app (Spanish, Catalan, or English)
  • The time zone you are in (by default, it will be GMT + 1 Madrid).

Although the administrator can add your profile picture, it is likely that they will leave that part to you. Refer to this article to see how to change your profile picture. 

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