How to set up my schedule

You can configure your schedule both from the Ommnio web version and from the app. Keep in mind that Ommnio uses your schedule to:

  1. Send you notifications about new messages, if you have configured to receive them only when you are active
  2. If you have the Time Registration Bot activated, we will send you a notification right at the entry and exit times you have configured, always as a reminder. Remember that you will have to enter the Bot and mark the entry and exit proactively. The Bot does not clock in for you! 😊

That being said, here's how you can configure your schedule 👇

From the web

  • Click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the web page and a window with your configuration will open. 
  • In the schedule section you will see something similar to this:

  • Change the entry or exit time by simply entering the hours in the boxes.
  • By clicking on the cross next to each schedule, you will be deleting that work schedule configuration. 
  • And by clicking on "+ Add new shift you will have the possibility to configure a split schedule. This is the case you see in the image for Monday. 👆

From the app

  • Tap on the gear icon that takes you to Settings, in the top-left corner of the main chats page.
  • If you have configured notifications during work hours, you will see the "Work Schedule" section.
  • Tap on Schedule:

  • You will see the summary of your weekly schedule. Tap on the day you want to configure. 
  • Tap on the hours to adjust the entry and exit time.
  • And tap on the + icon (top-right corner on an iPhone, bottom-right corner on an Android) to add a split schedule. 

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