As an employee, what can I do in Ommnio and what can't I do?

When your organization invites you to participate in Ommnio, it is creating a bridge to communicate with you securely and respectfully. Ommnio allows the organization to connect with you without needing to know your phone number and at the same time, facilitates that you receive communication, if desired, only during working hours. This way, your rest time is respected.

✅ What can you do in Ommnio?

  • You can be invited to join your organization's environment in Ommnio, where you will see the groups that it considers are of interest to you.
  • You can read all messages and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links from the groups you are part of.
  • You can participate by sending text messages or files (photo, video, audio, and documents) in all open groups you are part of.
  • In read-only groups, you can only read and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links.
  • You can confirm receipt and understanding of mandatory reading messages.
  • You can digitally sign legally binding documents that your company sends you. These signatures provide guarantees to both the organization and you.
  • You can receive automatic communications from Bots, such as payroll or your schedule.
  • If your organization has activated it, you can report your entry and exit time in a time registration chat.
  • You can see who the members of a group are.
  • You can configure your working hours and decide to receive notifications on your mobile when you want (never, always, or only during working hours).
  • You can access Ommnio via the app (Android and iOS) and via the web.
  • You can edit and delete your own messages, which will be marked as "edited" or "deleted".
  • You can pin messages in one-on-one private chats.

⛔ What can't you do?

  • You can't create groups. Groups are always created by the administrators of your organization.
  • You can't see groups that you are not a part of. The groups you see are those that your organization considers you should see. If for some reason a colleague has a group that you would like to be a part of, you must ask the administrator to invite you to join.
  • You can't leave a specific group. If you are part of a group that you consider is not for you, you must ask the administrator to remove you as a participant.
  • You can't reply in a read-only group. However, you will be able to receive all messages and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links.

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