What roles and permissions are there in Ommnio?

In Ommnio there are three roles:

  • 🙎 User: It is a user who receives an invitation from the organization and can:
    • Join organization chats in Ommnio.
    • Read all messages and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links from the groups they are a part of.
    • Participate by sending text messages or files (photo, video, audio, and documents) in all open groups.
    • In read-only groups, they can only read and access the library of documents, multimedia, and links.
    • Confirm receipt and understanding of mandatory reading messages.
    • See who the members of a group are.
    • Receive automatic communications from a Bot, such as payroll or reported hours report.
    • When enabled by the organization, they can report their entry and exit time in a time tracking Bot.
    • Set their working hours and choose to receive notifications on their mobile device when desired.
    • Access Ommnio via app (Android and iOS) and via the web.
    • Edit or delete their own messages. The messages will be marked as "edited" or "deleted".

      👫 Team Administrator: They can do everything a user can do, and additionally, in the web version of Ommnio, they can:

    • Administer the users on their team: inviting new people to their team, deactivating them, or editing their data.
    • Determine the working hours of the users on their team so that notifications only reach their mobile devices while they are working (if they wish to do so).
    • Create groups (open or read-only) and add participants to each group as they see fit, always within the assigned team.
    • Write in the read-only groups of their team.
    • Write with their own profile avatar or write with the group's avatar.
    • Send mandatory reading messages and monitor which users have confirmed receipt and which ones have not yet done so.
    • Send documents for digital signing.
    • Edit their own messages. Delete their own messages or messages from users in groups they administer. The messages will be marked as "edited" or "deleted".
  • 🏭 Account Administrator: They have the same permissions as a Team Administrator, but over the entire account of their organization, including all users and all chat groups. And in addition:
    • They can view the content of all chat groups, except for private one-on-one chats between users, which are only visible to the two individuals involved.
    • They can assign roles and permissions for Account Administration or for Teams.

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