Editing images before sending

When you want to share one or more images in Ommnio, from version 2.8.0 onwards of the app, you can edit them and add text to each one before sending.

At the top you will see the options:

  • cut the photo ✂️
  • add an arrow to point something out ↗️
  • or freehand draw with the pencil ✏️

At the bottom you will have:

  • the color selector (tap on each color to change the pointer's thickness) 
  • and the text field to attach a caption to that particular image. 

If you selected more than one photo, you can navigate through each photo and edit them one by one. 

On the web, the mechanism is similar and looks like this:

🔴 Please note that your colleagues will receive the edited images exactly as you send them. However, any messages attached to each photo, captions, will only be visible to users who have version 2.8.0 or higher. Those with older versions will see the image, but not the text. 

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