What data do my colleagues see about me?

The following information about you will be visible to your colleagues only if the organization you belong to has subscribed you to open chat groups, or if it has given you access to the contact list. In read-only groups, users will not be able to see the list of members, and when the company considers it, it can remove access to the contact list. This way, they will be able to see you and you will be able to see others, and you will be able to write direct messages only if the organization you belong to has defined it that way.

When you belong to an open chat group or when you have access to the contact list, your coworkers will see the following information about you:

  • First and last name 
  • Position 
  • Department
  • Collaborator code, if you have one
  • Workplace (optional)
  • Profile photo, if you have one. 

To access Ommnio, you provided your phone number, but we only use it to identify you and send you the password by SMS. No coworker will see your phone number in Ommnio (unless you provide it to them, of course...)  😏 If your company had consent to use your mobile number in advance, and used it to invite you to Ommnio, the Administrators of your company's account will be able to see your number. On the other hand, your colleagues with normal user permissions, like you, will never see your number. 

The administrator of your company entered this information about you in Ommnio at the time of inviting you (usually it is someone from Human Resources, Communication, or General Management). If you see any errors, you should ask the administrator to correct them.

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