Is my phone number visible in Ommnio?

No coworker will see your phone number when they talk to you on Ommnio. This way you can coordinate with them without having to give out your number and invade your privacy. No more work WhatsApp messages! 🎉

On the other hand, administrators (Human Resources, Communication, or General Management staff) may see your number depending on whether one or the other of the following circumstances occur: 

  1. If your company already had your phone number when it invited you to join Ommnio: If this is the case and it used that personal data to invite you (sending an SMS to your mobile phone with the invitation, for example), then that information will always be visible to the administrators. 
  2. If your company does not have your phone number: Then, none of your contact information is visible in Ommnio. We use your phone number to identify you and send you the SMS with the password, but in no case is your phone visible to your company (neither administrators nor employees). 

In summary, no one in Ommnio will see your phone number unless you have provided it previously.

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