Who can read the messages I write in Ommnio?

All members of the groups you participate in can read the messages you write, obviously! In fact, the people you share the group with will not only see what you write, but they will also see the files you send (whether they are photos, videos, audios, or documents). These files will automatically become part of the group's library.

The company can invite a new employee to join communication groups on Ommnio. If so, this new person will have access to the history of all conversations and files from the groups they belong to. Unlike WhatsApp, Ommnio provides visibility of the entire conversation to its members, regardless of when they join the group.

Account administrators (such as Human Resources, Communication, or General Management personnel) have a panoramic view of Ommnio groups. Since they administer the platform, they can access all groups and view shared messages and files.

🔴 Private conversations between two users are only visible to the two people involved. No administrator, whether team, group, or account, has the ability to view private conversations between other users.

It is important for all Ommnio users to understand that this is a communication tool made available by the company and, therefore, the conversations that are relevant will almost always be work-related.

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