What's an acknowdlege message

At times, the responsible people in your company may need a read confirmation for certain communications. For example, they may need to know that the entire team has read and understood a new occupational risk policy, or that everyone has received and understood this year's holiday schedule.

Therefore, for these cases, Ommnio has mandatory reading messages, which look like this:

By clicking on the "Open" button you will be able to see the content of the message. In this case, for example, the need to change some gloves (a case we have made up, but you get it!) 😉 You will see that below the screen you have a button that says "Read and understood". 

If you have read and understood the communication and want to acknowledge receipt to the sender of the message, click on the "Read and understood" button.

The application will insist again to make sure you have read and understood:

Click on "Read" and you will automatically be indicating to the sender that from your side the message has been received and you are aware of it.

Once the reading is confirmed, the message will have this appearance: it will indicate at what moment you confirmed the reading and will allow you to reopen the file to consult it:

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