What options do the forms offer?

Only Chat Group Administrators can post forms. They have these options:

  1. Make the results public, or not. 
    1. Public results: In some cases, the user may be able to see the answers of their peers. These answers can be consulted even before answering. For example, if a form requests 3 volunteers for an extra next weekend, it is useful to see if there are already 3 people who have answered affirmatively that they can be counted on. 🔴 IMPORTANT FOR ADMINISTRATORS: the option to make the results public is only accessible in open chats. Read-only chats do not allow viewing the member list, and forms operate with the same logic.
    2. Private results: Administrators may consider that the answers should not be visible to everyone. An example would be a form to know who is opting for the medical check-up. In this case, clearly the answers should only be visible to the administrators. 
  2. Make the answers anonymous, or not.
    1. Identified answers: When a user responds, by default, the response will be linked to their identity. This is essential for organizing the team, knowing availability, knowing who is opting for something, etc. The results will include the person's name and surname and the answers given by the person. 
    2. Anonymous answers: When it comes to survey-type forms, the administrator could choose to obtain anonymous responses. In that case, the answers can never be linked to one user or another, and the identity of each will remain protected.

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