Digital signature of documents

In Ommnio, you can receive documents that you can sign from your mobile device, and they will have the same legal validity as if you signed them in person. They will look like this:

When you open the document, you will see the file that they ask you to sign and a small blinking arrow indicating where you should place your signature. Read the document carefully, and when you are ready, follow the arrow. By clicking on the box where your signature should go, a window like this will open:

Sign with your finger on the line and click "Save & Insert". If the document has more than one page, you will need to leave your signature on each of them. You can reuse the signature from the first page for the following pages. The blinking arrow will guide you step by step on where to sign, and when you are done, it will prompt you to press the "Finalize" button:

You only need to accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of SignRequest, the partner we have chosen as the provider of digital signature services. SignRequest is responsible for collecting all the signature evidence and certifying its veracity to provide guarantees to both parties. 

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