I'm an Administrator, what can and can't I do in Ommnio?

We leave you this article here that explains exactly what you can do as an Administrator in Ommnio 👉 I'm an administrator in Ommnio, what special permissions do I have?

And we leave you here 👇 the list of things that, despite being an Administrator, you cannot do alone. If you need to carry out any of the following actions, please contact Ommnio so that we can assist you (help@ommnio.com):

  • Edit the name of my organization.
  • Change the logo of my organization and the image on the welcome screen for users.
  • Change the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy that your users accept when registering in your organization's environment in Ommnio.
  • View private conversations between users. When a user talks to another in a one-on-one chat, the conversation will always be private and no one (not even Ommnio!) can see it, unless there is a legal requirement.

☝️ IMPORTANT: You also cannot see the phone numbers that your users used to register in Ommnio. They will only be visible to you if you provided them in advance when registering them with their phone number. Remember that one of the main benefits of Ommnio is to facilitate communication between organization and users without sharing contact information. This way, we facilitate compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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