What can an Account Administrator do?

The "account" is the representation of the organization in Ommnio. The account usually corresponds to the name of the organization (e.g. ACME Company), and various aspects such as the type of contracted service and billing information depend on the account.  

An Account Administrator 🏭 has the same permissions as a Team Administrator, but for the entirety of their organization's account, all of its users, and all chat groups. Additionally: 

  • They can view the content of all chat groups, except for private one-on-one chats between users, which are only visible to the two individuals involved. 
  • They can assign Account Administration, Team, and Group roles and permissions.

In conclusion, an Account Administrator is a user with superpowers within Ommnio. 🚀 To find out who has this role, you can visit the main Configuration page by clicking on the icon at the top of the website when you are an Administrator (of the Account or the Team).

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