How digital signature works in Ommnio

Here are the main characteristics of digital signature in Ommnio:

  • The service is provided by Signrequest, the partner we have selected as the digital signature provider. 
  • The type of signature we offer is "advanced". Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market defines it as follows:
    • it is uniquely linked to the signatory;
    • it allows the identification of the signatory;
    • it has been created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under their sole control, and
    • it is linked to the data signed by it in such a way that any subsequent modification of the data is detectable.
  • The digital signature is an additional service to the Ommnio instant messaging subscription. There are clients who subscribe to flat rates that include the digital signature, and there are those who purchase packs. Ommnio does not charge for sending the document to be signed, even if it is sent to hundreds of people. The consumption of the digital signature is only recorded when the recipient opens the file to sign. If a user never accesses the message, neither opens it, nor signs it, we do not charge for it. Do not hesitate to consult our sales team if you have any doubts.
  • Only administrators can send files to be digitally signed. Users without administrative permissions can only receive and sign (if they wish, of course!).
  • There is no, at least not yet, possibility for different people's signatures to be consolidated in the same file. For now, it is only possible for a file to be sent to one or more individuals, and for the administrator to receive as many different copies of the signed document as there are different people who have signed.
  • In the article "How to send a document for digital signature", we indicate that all the people who have received the file can digitally sign it, whether it is a single individual in a one-to-one chat, or several people who belong to the chat group where the message was posted. 
  • In the article "Who has read and confirmed my akcnowledge message", you can see how to monitor which people have signed the document, download the signature files and the log with all the evidence, as well as send reminders to people who are pending to sign. As for monitoring and tracking, the functionality is exactly the same for mandatory reading messages and for digital signatures. 

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