What data of your users is visible?

The information that is visible about a user depends on who is looking 🤓. Let us explain the 3 possible scenarios:

What an Account or Team Administrator will see about a User

All the information about a User that you register in Ommnio when you create their account will be visible to all the Administrators of your account in the Users tab on the website, and in the editing of each user (by clicking on the pencil icon). The difference between Account Administrators and Team Administrators is the universe of users they have access to: Account Administrators can see all users, while Team Administrators will only see and be able to manage the users assigned to their team. 

The following data will be visible to all Administrators (with * indicating mandatory fields):

  • Name *
  • Surname *
  • Position *
  • Area *
  • Location
  • Related to
  • Code 
  • Work schedule (9 to 17 h. by default)
  • Time zone (the one set in your account by default)
  • Tags
  • Teams they belong to
  • Groups they are subscribed to
  • Mandatory reading documents or received digital signature documents
  • Profile picture (if uploaded by the Administrator or the User themselves).

☝️ IMPORTANT: If you provided the User's phone number when creating their account, it will also be visible to all Administrators. If you chose not to use personal data and invited them with a link or a QR code, the phone number will not be visible to anyone in your organization, even if the user registered in Ommnio providing their phone number. 

What a User will see about themselves

In the Settings section, a User can see the information about themselves that the organization provided when creating their account (with * indicating fields that the user can modify):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Position 
  • Area 
  • Location (if declared by the Administrator)
  • Working hours *
  • Time zone *
  • Profile picture *
  • Acknowledge messages

The user will never be able to see the Tags that the Administrator used to facilitate the classification and ordering of users, nor their code or the "Related to" field. They will be able to see and modify their schedule, time zone, and profile picture. They can also configure the language they want to use in Ommnio. 

What Users will see about their colleagues

In Ommnio, it is not possible to browse user profiles, but users can find out who they are talking to. So your Users can access the list of members in a group.  (Read this to learn how they can do it. 👉 How to find out who is in each group) They can also have access to a contact directory that shows all the people who are members of their team or teams.

If you want, you can read the article we have written to help them understand what data is visible to their colleagues   👉  What data do my colleagues see about me

Users will see the following data about their colleagues:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Position 
  • Area

And the Location (which the Administrator can optionally indicate). If they decide to upload a profile picture (which as an Administrator you can also upload), it will be visible. This is how they will see their colleagues:

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