How to download the acknowledge message with the timestamp of the user's confirmation

When a user confirms that they have read and understood a mandatory reading message, a version of the signed PDF is generated with the marking of the time and day of acceptance for the Administrator in the web version of Ommnio. The marking will always be on the left margin, vertically, as you can see in the image at the bottom.

Keep reading if you want to know who confirmed your mandatory reading message and if you want to download all the files with the confirmation from each employee from one place. 👇 If instead you want to search by user and have an aggregated view of all the mandatory readings they have received and confirmed, read this other article  👉 How to view mandatory reading documents or digital signature by each user

  1. In the web version of Ommnio, search for the group to which you sent the mandatory reading PDF file. If it was in a one-on-one chat, search for the user's name. If you recently shared the file, you probably have it in view among the messages. But if it's been longer and you've lost sight of it, click on the "Details" button in the upper right margin and select the "Documents" option from the dropdown menu:

  1. You will see a list of all the documents that have been shared over time in this group. The mandatory readings are always marked with a star. Click on the one you are interested in.

  1. When previewing the mandatory reading document, you will always have a button at the bottom that says "Analytics". Click it:

  1. The file can have been sent to one person or thousands. Either way, the users who have confirmed reading and understanding the file will appear in the list with the day and time of their acceptance, and you will have a "PDF" button available to view the specific file for this user with the marking. Those who have not yet confirmed will be listed as "Pending" and will show the option to send a reminder. 

  1. The downloadable file will have the marking on the left margin, vertically, indicating the following "Tiffany Tulip acknowledged reading this document to Ommnio on Day of the Week, Month X, 20XX, XX:XX am/pm". Make sure when uploading your original file that this part of the document is always free. 😊

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