How to view the acknowledge message documents or digital signatures for each user

There are two ways to see who has confirmed the acknowledge message (or digital signature) that you have sent:

  • Searching by message. Here you have more information 👉  How to download the required reading file with the user confirmation timestamp
  • Searching by user. 👉 In the Users tab, click on the name of the employee you are interested in. A window with their profile will open. At the bottom, you will have all the acknowledge message and digital signature documents that they may have received, and whether they have confirmed them (or not). From here, you will also be able to download them (*).

(*) Please note that the visibility of the file content depends on your permissions. If the file was sent in a chat that you are NOT a part of, you will be able to see if the user confirmed their reading or not, and when, but you will not be able to see the content of the file itself. 

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