What data does my company see about me in Ommnio?

The people who work in your company and have access to Ommnio can have three roles: Company Administrator, Team Administrator, or Employee. (👉 Here is more information, if you're curious) 

Employees, your colleagues, only see the following data about you:

  • Name and surname 
  • Position 
  • Department
  • Code, if you have one
  • Workplace (optionally)
  • Profile picture, if you have one. 

The administrator of your company in Ommnio provided this data when they created an invitation for you. And you probably uploaded a profile picture, right? 😎

In some cases, there are companies that don't even declare personal data of employees in Ommnio: they only indicate employee code, position, and department. And they give you an invitation with a QR code. In this case, when you register, you, as a user, access and declare your name and surname to use the tool. 

About your phone number and/or your email

There can be two cases regarding personal contact information (phone number and/or email):

  1. Your company already had your phone number and/or your email when they invited you to join Ommnio: If that's the case and they used that personal information to invite you (e.g., by sending an SMS to your phone with the invitation), then that information will always be visible to the administrators. 
  2. Your company does not have your phone number and/or your email: Therefore, none of your contact data is visible in Ommnio. We use your phone number to identify you and to send you the SMS with the password, but in no case is your phone visible to your company (neither to administrators nor to employees). We want you to be able to communicate professionally without having to share your phone number. 

Information about your activity on Ommnio

Company or Team Administrators can also see the following information about your activity:

  • Groups you belong to. Administrators determine who is a member of each group, so they can see which ones you are subscribed to. 
  • Last time you accessed Ommnio. 
  • Number of messages you have sent in total.
  • About the mandatory read messages you have received:
    • How many you have received
    • In each one, whether you have confirmed receipt and reading or if you still have it pending. 

About conversations in groups

It is important to understand that Ommnio is a corporate communication platform that your company provides to facilitate team coordination. Therefore, conversations in Ommnio should generally be of a professional nature. Your company's administrators manage the access of all users and also the groups, so all conversations that occur in Ommnio are visible to them. 

About private conversations, one-on-one between users

The one-on-one conversations you have with colleagues or supervisors are private. No administrator can see what you and another user have shared in a private chat. In the hypothetical case of a labor dispute, you should know that conversations in Ommnio are the property of the organization and that, by legal requirement, the company could request access to them.

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