How to create a form?

Forms in Ommnio are the ideal way to obtain structured feedback. Only chat group administrators can publish forms. Normal users, on the other hand, can respond to them as long as they are members of the chat group where the form has been published.

Steps to create a form:

1) Select the chat group where to publish it and click on "Send form" at the bottom.

2) Click on "Add first question". The available options are:

3) When selecting the first question type, the form creation page will open, where you should give it a title and the content (question and answer options) of the first and subsequent questions:

4) You can add as many questions as you need and combine different question types if desired.

5) Once you have added all the questions and answers, click on "Create form" at the bottom right corner.

Questions requiring an answer

In Ommnio, it is not possible to make some questions optional. All questions require an answer. If you feel that a user might not answer a question, you should provide among the answers an option like "N/A - Does not apply".

Visibility of results and anonymity options

By default, forms are configured so that the responses are identified with the person who provided them and allow all members to view the results. However, it is possible to change that configuration: forms can also be anonymous and/or with results visible only to administrators. Check the article What options do forms offer? to see the different options and their practical applications.

You can mark these different options on the form creation page, at the bottom, before clicking the "Create form" button, which will generate a message for the group recipients.

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