What can a Chat Group Administrator do?

There are two types of permissions related to chat groups:

  • ✏️ Writing permissions on a group: Whether it is a member user, a team administrator or an account administrator, if a user has writing permissions on a group, they can:
    • Write with the group's avatar, instead of their own user. Messages written by this user will appear with the name and icon of the group (e.g. Human Resources) instead of their personal identity.
    • In read-only groups, they can write messages, share files, and send mandatory reading messages or digital signature messages.
    • They can edit or delete their own messages or messages written by other administrators with the group's avatar. The messages will be marked as "Edited" or "Deleted".
    • They can pin a message to be always highlighted at the top of the chat. They can unpin the pinned message.
  • 📣 Group Administrator: They have the writing permissions described in the previous point, and additionally:
    • They can edit the group (change image, name, description, and group type -open or read-only-) and delete it if desired.
    • They can view analytics for mandatory reading messages and digital signature messages, as well as know who has read each message.
    • They can add or remove users or teams subscribed to the group, always according to the permissions they also have as a Team Administrator or Account Administrator.
    • They can delete other people's messages. The messages will be marked as "Deleted".

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